Small Business Marketing Must Be Based on a Coherent Marketing Plan

This page last updated December 5, 2015

No matter how small your business, small business marketing tools are useful for helping your customers to find you. Word of mouth advertising is of course, the ideal, but tools can encourage enough satisfied customers to spread the word. A variety of tools are available to convince customers to beat a path to your store's door.

Among the solutions available to small businesses are traditional marketing and advertising programs as well as the cutting edge of electronic media marketing techniques. A well planned coherent marketing strategy is essential in order to produce profitable results. All the available tools aren't necessary to be deployed at once in order to be effective, but they can be phased in, tested and tracked before adding another layer to the overall strategy.

One Size Shoe Doesn't Fit All Feet

Not all strategies are effective for every business. It is our intent to spell out the various options available to you, no matter what business you are in. Many of the marketing tools available are free while others are very cost effective. We are ready to put our 30 plus years of marketing experience to use for you to find effective ways to improve your bottom line.

Traditional Marketing Isn't Dead

Many of the marketing and advertising solutions available to small business are the traditional print media, television and radio. These can be integrated very efficiently with the newer digital based tools to generate a result greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Advanced Tools Are Available To Small Business at Low Cost

Whatever the need, sophisticated tools are readily available to businesses of all sizes: Web site design and traffic optimization Web site monetization Local search optimization Mobile apps designed for local businesses Coupon strategies and More.

What Do You Look for When Considering Hiring a Marketing Consultant?

A clear path to a successful final result

A step by step written marketing plan and time line to maintain focus in the long term.

Straight forward answers to questions

You want facts, not “pie in the sky” promises or technobabble.

Understand that true small business marketing success comes only after a reasonable investment of time and treasure and a clearly thought out 2 year and 5 year projection.

You also want pages written in grammatical English.

No commitment of time or money without a clear budget projection

Straight forward and accurate projections with a full and concise estimate of costs.

Want to work with local firm

I offer full in-person consultation with local SW Florida antique businesses only.

We work strictly with antiques and collectibles businesses to develop their on line marketing strategies because of their unique position in e-commerce.

For other national or international sites, explore our complete small business marketing website and blog, free.

Want to be assured you are a high priority

We only contract with three local antique businesses at any given time!

There is NO CHARGE for original consultation and resulting recommendations

What happens if I sign up and you are unable to continue?

I will train a person of your choice to be able to maintain the site and keep it current

You will have access to professional help and forums from the hosting provider when and if ever required.

Your offer sounds too good to be true. Where's the hook?

There is no “hook.” I took early retirement and have an unfulfilled need to keep working. This business gives me the opportunity to keep working and to 'give back' to the antique marketing industry that was so good to me for 30+ years.. So there are no hidden fees, no endless up-selling, no attempt to oversell you with features you don't need.

Where is an example of your website design?

This site is a growing, living example and is continually being updated and rejuvenated. Your site will be different depending on your monetization, branding and design decision plans.

Please fill out this questionnaire in order to schedule an absolutely guaranteed free consultation.

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation

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Improve my web site
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Improve internet and foot traffic
Improve local search results.
Develop ways to monetize my site.

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General Cost Projection for a Completed Website


  • Complete the short questionnaire  which helps us conduct the initial face to face consultation more efficiently. Cost = $0.00
  • Face to face consultation for at least one hour. Cost = $0.00
  • A second face to face meeting within 30 days to discuss recommendations. Cost = $0.00  
  •  Decision to accept or reject the suggested marketing plan. If contract accepted, cost will work out to be time billing at $15.00 / hour with a monthly cap on billed hours, and monthly hosting fee of $29.99 (90 day money back guarantee). If rejected, cost = $0.00
  • At 6 months after going live, a detailed analysis of website activity with suggestions for improvements or additions. Cost= $0.00
  •   Anytime after 6 months, training a person of your choice for maintaining the site. Three hours training at $0.00; after 3 hours, $15.00 per hour or fraction.

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Why Hire an Antique Specialist Marketing Consultant?

The antiques, art and collectibles markets present some unique challenges to an e-commerce solution. The primary difference is that these markets predominantly offer a one-of-a-kind product which does not fit well with a standard e-commerce business plan. By the nature of being essentially one-of-a-kind, it is also an information dependent market. These are unique challenges best addressed by a marketing specialist with extensive experience with the traditional antique and auction markets.

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