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Selling or Collecting Antiques or Art?
You've Come To The Right Place!

This page last updated August 12, 2018.

If You're Like Me, You Have Little Time to Accomplish All You Need to Do In This High-Speed World.
What If You Could Save Time and Effort Pursuing Information or Resources You Need Right Now?
That's What This Site Is Designed To Do For All of You Selling and Collecting Antiques!

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If you are a small business struggling with your marketing, you might want to test the effect of adding video to your site, social media, blog or email might have on your bottom line.

As a Grand Opening gesture for our new division, MFAS Agency, we are offering to produce a professional 15 second video at no cost to you. This offer is good only thru August 15, 2018, so apply for your free video now. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE APPLICATION.

 Whether employed at selling or collecting antiques or art, have you ever been at a garage sale, gallery, auction or antique mall and wish you had your library with you? Well, this site won't replace your library, but it hopefully will provide you with enough tools to enable you to make the right buying or bidding decision on the fly.

To further help you save time, make use of our internal search engine to find a specific topic.

On the other hand, if you are primarily interested in selling antiques or collectibles we also provide tools and resources to save you more time and money.

We have all searched for information on prices realized, only to spend an hour chasing down blind alleys. We are here to help you avoid that wild goose chase.

There are two major categories of resources you will find here both now and in the near future. They are  under continuous expansion and editing  :

1.  General and specific marketing resources suitable for any small business: 

  • Links to valuable, information packed websites that are truly useful especially those selling and collecting antiques and art.
  • Links to analytical tools to help dealers improve their sites. Articles of specific interest to those selling and collecting antiques and  art.
  • Resources to help anyone choose the right venue for selling and buying their antiques and collectibles.
  • And much, much more.

 2.  Reference resources specifically designed to save antique dealers and collectors time by giving them access to a wide variety of reference materials and sites, such as:

  • Prices realized sites, both reference sites and auction prices realized. Get access to literally millions of auction prices realized from our links here. An absolute must for anyone selling and collecting antiques, art or vintage collectibles.
  • Direct access to materials such as patent references, makers marks and other hall marks.
  • Articles and links to articles on dating objects, spotting fakes and repros, etc.
  • Interactive communication where I or one of our expert contributing specialists can answer your questions. (If you are confident that you have expert knowledge in a given specialty, drop me a note with specifics. If we sign you up, we will also be pleased to promote your business at no charge.)
  •   As we expand, we will add more features that offer real value to those selling and collecting antiques, art or collectibles. Our goal is to provide a real service that helps you save time and build a stronger bottom line. This site is designed for you, so let us know what you would like to find here.
Best resources finds items like this 19th century French TantalusFrench Tantalus

One Size Shoe Doesn't Fit All Feet

Not all strategies are effective for every antique business. It is our intent to spell out the various options available to you, no matter what specialty business you are in.

Many of the marketing tools available are free while others are very cost effective. We are ready to put our 30 plus years of antique marketing experience to use for you to find effective ways to improve your bottom line. or enhance your selling and collecting experience. For more information, go here.

When Buying and Collecting Antiques, You want facts, not “pie in the sky,” promises or

When buying and collecting antiques, it also pays to have patience and a willingness to learn.

Understand that true small business marketing success comes only after a reasonable investment of time and treasure and a clearly thought out 2 year and 5 year projection. Even though those projections are subject to change, you must have a direction in which to head.

You also want to see pages written in clear, grammatical English.

 Our website is a growing project and will expand with more and more free information of use to both collectors, dealers and other small businesses. Join us on Facebook or LinkedIn to keep current with our expansion, and offer your suggestions for other resources of value to you.

Jaspe Ware Pitcher c.1900
Mid 20th Century Rosewood and Mother-of-pearl Dresser Box. Probably from India.Rosewood and Mother-of-pearl Dresser Box - India, mid 20th Century

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Site Table of Contents

Our Shop At Ruby Lane
Shows featured items from our Ruby Lane shop with a link to the shop itself.
Contemporary Arts Destined to Become the Next Vintage Collectibles
Links and articles about today's production bound to become the collectibles of the future.
Prices Realized at Auction
Some interesting examples of prices realized at auction.
Time-saving Antique References to Marks and Dating
Links to makers marks and antique references to save research time.
Best Live Auction Aggregators & Prices Realized Resources
The best resource for finding auction aggregators presenting live auctions and prices realized at auction.
National amd International Collector Clubs and Forums
An extensive list of collector clubs, associations and forums.
Welcome to MFAS Agency
Home page for MFAS Agency
Using video is easy
Video is easy to use for your marketing campaign.
Video Marketing for Small Business
Video marketing can be effective for small businesses at reasonable cost.
More affordable antique business resources.
More free and/or affordable business resources for small businesses.
Web Site Building Fundamentals
Fundamentals of web site building for small businesses.
Local Search Fundamentals
Introduction to local search
Additional local search information
Detailed sources for local search
Mobile Marketing is in Your Future
The rapid growth of smartphone useage demands your attention.
Links to articles of interest to the antiques trade.
Antique small business references, ebooks, print books and articles.
QR Code Ideas You Can use
Small businesses can use QR code as well as the major players.
Small Business Resources and Links
Small business resources, ebooks, print books, programs and articles.
About Vern Ward: Antiquarian
Vern Ward's Bio Page stressing his experience as an antiquarian
A Useful Antique Testing Kit for Antique Dealers and Collectors
Very useful testing kit for antique dealers and collectors.
Antique Periodicals
A listing of periodicals dealing with the art and antique trades.
Auctioneer Ratings
Personal Ratings of on line auction houses.
Antiques & Collectibles Timely Info
Presenting ephemeral items of interest, such as upcoming auctions, shows, museum exhibits, and news items of interest to the industry.
Newsletter introduction page
Subscription detail page
Welcome to MFAS Marketing LLC
Welcome page for new visitors to get to know us.

Indian Damascus Steel 19th Century Dagger

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