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Links to Articles of Interest

Updated April 8, 2017

When we find articles that are of general interest to the antiques trade, we will post links here.

A Podcast for Those of you Interested in Live Video Streaming
(Pub in Social Media Examiner)

This podcast presents tips and techniques for creating great content with live video.

To discover what he’s learned from broadcasting over 1,000 live streams over the last two years, this interview features Alex Khan. Just follow this link to listen to this audio podcast.

Just How Big is the Art Market?
(Forbes, Mar. 2017

This article details the state of the art and antiques market and poses some views as to how it is changing. An article and subject which should be of critical interest to every professiona dealing in this market. Click here to read the entire article.

Inside The Art Glass Market
(Invaluable Blog, Mar. 2017)

A very interesting article concerning art glass sculpture, some of the most well known artisans, and the state of the market. click here to read the entire article.

Shipping and Cleaning Cut Glass
(from Antique Trader, Mar. 2017)

For any dealers or auctioneers shipping cut glass, this article is essential reading, even if you have been shipping for years. Consider it a refresher course. I certainly found it informative and I've shipped successfully for 30 years! Follow this link for the full article - click here.

A truly courageous antiques dealer in Syria

This article was first published on "Syria Deeply" in July 2016 and showcases a young antiques dealer still staying open despite daily bombings. A truly inspirational story.

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