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Last updated December 3,2017.

Video Marketing

Video can be a very effective marketing tool

Click here to find out more about making video easy.

Video marketing has proven to be extremely effective, increasing response rates dramatically, building trust, imparting information and personalizing the sales message. Contrary to popular perception, it isn't that difficult to do and the cost can be as little as $0! You may already have all the equipment you need to get started, an Android or iPhone. Don't assume you have to run out and buy all kinds of equipment.

“All right,” you're thinking, “I've got a smartphone, but don't I have to know how to edit video?” The answer is no, at least it's not necessary to get started, although, as you get more comfortable, there are a number of cost effective options that are also easy to learn that will give you the basic editing tools. A lot of video posted online is shot straight to YouTube, Facebook, or other providers, The only trick is to get started. By showing your passion for your business the polish will come with practice. You can shoot one-take videos talking with a customer, answering questions, or talking about interesting industry news. These videos can be posted to a site such as Vimeo  or Wistia. The hosting website then automatically formats the video for distribution anywhere. They are currently free to open an account.

Of course, you can always hire someone to shoot the video for you, and you should be able to find a local videographer who will do it at a reasonable cost. We here at MFAS Consulting are available for businesses in South Florida if you need us,.we are certified in video production as well as Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS).

Where to deliver the video you post? Use it on your website, add to email, post to Facebook or your blog. Use QR codes. to direct readers to your video. You can give a behind the scenes look at your business and humanize it for your potential and existing customers. If you want to get serious about video marketing, an arrangement with an aggregator can give valuable distribution and analytics expertise. NCH Software is a very good site that offers a variety of solutions at very reasonable fees.

One thing that is very often overlooked when producing for video marketing, but is absolutely essential for quality video is quality audio. Audio level is extremely important. If your audience can't hear you, there's no point in posting the video at all. Also, pay close attention to ambient noise as well. The sound of an air conditioner or vacuum cleaner in the background can be extremely annoying.

Of course, once you have taken your video, you may want to utilize automation to handle the scutwork and analytics. One company specializing in this function is Wistia. they also have a fairly extensive tutorial library free to utilize. An example is  "Shooting Video With an iPhone." 

MAGIX has introduced its' new version Vegas Pro 15 This is a full featured video / audio editing package suitable for newbies as well as advanced editors. Check it out.

MAGIX try the free trial of VEGAS Pro 15 All you need is the desire to excel!

Find out more about making video easy.

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